Wall Mounted 300ml Bottle Holder Single Chrome

Wall Mounted 300ml Bottle Holder Single Chrome


The revolutionary new Tamper Proof Dispenser has been specially created to improve on current designs (and imperfections) of dispensers available from other providers. Imagine - no chance of tarnish or rust to spoil your clients' impression of your standards. No loss of toiletries products, because of loose or easily removed bottles.

This stylish stainless steel bracket is the perfect complement to any bathroom decor or cloakroom. Select from fragrant dispenser products by luxury range.

At last a hygienic and elegant method of dispensing toiletries - without nasty leaks or mess.

The Tamper Proof Dispenser bracket is available with an array of branded 300ml luxury toiletries. Perfect for your spa area, gym, cloakrooms, or guest bathrooms - the Tamper Proof Dispenser is easy to install.

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